Apr 29, 2011

New pict put on

Hello, how are you today ?

I put a new illustration on my website and Flickr.
I hope you come to my website or Flickr!

Have a nice weekend :-))
See you again.

Mar 21, 2011

Thank you, praying for Japan.

Hello all. How are you today?
I am living in the Japan.
A large-scale earthquake happened in Japan. I am feeling twinges of horror.
(My family and I are okay)
But I get a lump in my throat, because people around the world give praying, donation and other help for the Japan.
Thank you.
I will do what I can do something for the disaster area.

Thank you, praying for Japan.
I hope god bless you.

Mar 7, 2011

user friendly website ?

I'd like to introduce "ntnn for iPhone users page".
If you see my web page, using iPhone (or other smartphone).
Please try "ntnn for iPhone users page".

I think that page is user friendly website.
I hope you will like it.
Thank you

No title No name for iPhone (or other smart phone)

Mar 4, 2011

New illustration :-)

I put new illustration on my website and Flickr <333
and I join "SketchBook Pro" group on Flickr ! pls search and looking to it. beautiful illustrations are in this group.

I think that I make "ntnn ( my website )" for iPhone users.

Thank you, have a nice weekend!