Dec 27, 2009

Illustration #01

Hi! Good evening all:)
Japan is 11PM.What time is the region where you live?

This illustration which I was painting today.I used the painting software.
I'd like to challenge the comic making.
I'm not confident...But I'd like you to look forward to it.

Well, I hope you see happy dream tonight.Of course I want to see happy dream.
See you around.Good night:))

Dec 26, 2009

Hello world!

Hello! nice to meet you :))
I'd like to introduce me.
I'm miri, live in japan.Please call me miri :D
I like to watercolor and illustration.
Oh dear! I was almost forget.and afternoon nap too :P
My treasure is mirror painted with the Japanese lacquer(Urushi) which mom presented it to me. I love it :)))

I'm studying English but I'm not good at English.

This is background image of my web page.
It's a processed image. No processed image on my web page :D

I hope you come again. Thank you see you next time.

日本人なので、英語が本当にへたくそです:( ちょこっと間違っていたりもしますがそのうち上達すると信じてなんとかがんばっています。